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INTRASTAT - complex processing

We are your solution in the INTRASTAT system INTRASTAT

  • representation of the client with the local customs office
  • client deployment into the INTRASTAT system
  • inclusion of tariff lines under TARIC (determination of tariff lines under the nomenclature)
  • monthly processing of business transactions in imports and exports, including negative reporting


This is an accounting and statistical system monitoring the movement of goods between EU Member States, meaning between the Czech Republic and other EU Member States, where the goods were sent from the Czech Republic to another EU Member State or were admitted to the Czech Republic from another EU Member State, under the condition that the goods have physically crossed the state border of the Czech Republic.

Who is obliged to report?

THE OBLIGATION to report data to Intrastat arises for entities (legal entities and natural persons) who are registered or identified for VAT in the Czech Republic, dispatched goods to another Member State or received goods from another Member State, and in the value achieving the threshold for reporting data to INTRASTAT.

When does the reporting obligation arise?

Any person (company) who is registered and identified for VAT is obliged to report in Intrastat upon meeting so called Reporting threshold. This is a limit that each person (company) must count itself from the beginning of each calendar year or from the date when its been assigned a VAT Identification Number, separately for the dispatched and for the received goods.

The above thresholds (limits for reporting obligation) are set at CZK 8 million for sent goods or CZK 8 million for goods received.


"HARDS" spol. s r.o. - offers professional and reialble custom services to its clients. Our company, as one of the first ones, has been providing customs services since 1992.

Offer for clients:

registration for all customs procedures:

  • clients representation in customs procedures (direct and indirect represantion)
  • issuance of custom documents (JSD, JSDd, DCH, T1, T2, EUR, CMR, CARNET TIR etc.)

Final customs clearences for European recipients

  • transit, free movement, economic regimes

NCTS - user of the electronic data transmission system between the declarant and the customs authorities

eDOVOZ - an active participant in the electronic system of customs administration